Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 2!

I did it, I went by myself.

I went on the elliptical trainer for 10 mins of hell and then on to the treadmill for 15 mins... in that 15 mins I ran about 2 mins and walked fast for the rest. Oh the sweat was puring off, but I'm starting to feel better now... and guess what? My husband didn't think I'd actually do it and he was proud but mad. Guess he's pretty competitive so now he's gotta go and work out! :)

What's gonna happen for day 3?


lauraslifetoday said...

GOOD JOB Jamie!! It's hard to get used to those first few times, but once you get into a routine..nothing will be able to stop you! You'll be kicking Mike's ass before you know it!!