Thursday, October 2, 2008

28th Birthday part 1

My birthday 2008! I had a great birthday this year. First part of the day I went out with Mandy and my mother in law... we went shopping and out to lunch. When they first arrived at my house they brought in this LOVELY birthday cake... an ugly picture of me. It was very cool though and Anna loved looking at it because it had my face on it!

When we got home I walked in to a sparkling clean house. Mike and Jared spent the day cleaning. The 2nd part of the birthday day Mike and I went on a date. It was great getting to go to dinner with my husband and not have the children. We were going to go to a movie but we didn't see any that we wanted to watch, so we drove down to the mall and walked around.

I had a great day and thanks so much to Mandy, Mom in law, Mike and Jared. 28 years old, wow!!! 2 more years and I will be 30, now that's scary! (2nd blog is gonna be about my weekend birthday up north with my parents!)


lauraslifetoday said...

Hey come on!! 30's not scary. 31, now THAT's another story!!! I'm glad you had a great day...and kuddos to Mike for knowing exactly what to do for you=)